Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Two Pink Lines... No more Whine!

Well Everyone... I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!! About 6 weeks ago we saw those two BEAUTIFUL pink lines we have been desperately praying for! Most days I am still in shock!!

I've been so excited to share details with you all! We had a scare around 6 weeks and were told we lost the baby (I'll blog that story another time) so we wanted to wait until things were remaining positive to make our news public!

Up to Date Details:

-I am due November 25th-- So I am currently 9 weeks.
-Battling with pretty bad morning sickness, yes it's worth it, but still pretty miserable!
-We WILL find out the gender, probably sometime in June
-Jack is so excited when we mention the baby, but he doesn't quite understand whats about to happen to his world!

Now for the conception story... no no I'm not sharing the intimate stuff!! Just the appropriate details:

In January we did our last medicated cycle, and it failed. Now when I say it failed, not only did it NOT result in pregnancy, it failed to cause ovulation. I was so hopeful that last cycle would work, so when it didn't you can imagine how disappointed I was.

Well that was it, we had decided to let go and move on. My body clearly was not cooperating, and I needed to focus on life, and bring myself out of my Infertility coma.

The month of February was the most relaxing, normal, joyful month I have had in TWO YEARS. Tyler was FINALLY home from Branson and had a 9-6 work schedule with Sunday's off. We had family dinner every night and it was marvelous! This was the month we concieved... on our own...WITHOUT medication!

I was still charting and was able to confirm ovulation FOR THE FIRST TIME! We were shocked!! But so hopeful. We began to pray pray pray that this little egg would result in a baby. I began taking progesterone a few days after ovulation and I am still taking it. I believe this helped immensely! My doctor had suggested it a few months ago because she suspected a severe progesterone deficiency.

 I was on vacation in Colorado visiting my family when I got that positive test... and 7 others... ;) When I saw that sencond faint pink line I was shocked, excited, tearful, joyful, worried, oh and did I mention SHOCKED!?... I carried the test around with me all day just to make sure I wasn't dreaming! I got a funny look from my mom every time I peeped in my purse at the test just to be sure! :)

When I saw my doctor for the first time around 6 weeks she walked in and said, "What do doctors know... we know nothing! We tell you one things and God proves another!"... she is ABSOLUTELY right!! I keep going back and trying to figure out how this happened! But I can't. God gets all the credit for providing us with a miracle! There is no way my body should have randomly ovulated on it's own and from that, make a baby! It truly is a miracle. Praise the Creator of Life for blessing our family with a second child. I will Praise Him daily for this little baby joining our family, and for giving Jack the  sibling I have desperately prayed for :) Oh how I love typing those words!!

There is A LOT more deatil I could share about these last 3 months, so I'll let most of it slowly trickle out in differnt blogs. For now I wanted to share our good news and shout from the rooftop... WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!! <3